14/07/2020 - Invitation for Bids - Chemicals ( Extension Notice)

25/06/2020 - Invitation for Bids - Developing a Website for STC

Sealed Bids invited for Developing STC website to enable customers to order online

Please download Calling for Quotations Letter Here >  Website_development_STC_Tender

Invitation for Tender - Chemicals

Tender Bidding Documents Can be downloaded here 

1. Ammonium Nitrate(STC/AN/01/ICB/2020) Ammonium Nitrate_Bidding_doc_PDF_format

2. Potassium Nitrate (STC/PN/01/ICB/2020)Potassium_Nitrate_Bidding_doc_PDF_format

3. Formaldehyde (Technical Grade) (STC/FM/01/ICB/2020)Formaldehyde_Bidding_doc_PDF_format

Urgent Purchasing of Formaldehyde (Technical Grade) 27/05/2020