Seilencity Introduction

About the STC Seilencity

The STC Seilencity stands out as an integral component in the newly refurbished Narahenpita Economic Centre. Since its inception, it has succeeded in firmly positioning itself as a shopping destination for reputed brands in Sri Lanka. Its urbanized location also means customers can easily access theSeilencity to treat themselves to an invigorated shopping experience.

The Seilencity was established to offer luxury items at an affordable and reasonable rate for high-end, quality conscious customers. Seilencity is the first of its kind in the retail sector, offering a remarkable selection of products across 35000 Sq Ft of retail floor space. All this comes with a large car park, providing added convenience for anyone looking for hassle-free shopping.

The array of products includes branded perfumes, fashion accessories, jewellery, branded watches, handbags, cosmetic items, branded chocolate and tea products. Furthermore STC planning to expand its product range by introducing eco-friendly products such as solar power systems- aligning with the government's vision of building a sustainable tomorrow. The vast range of products and brands appealing to customers of all ages is what enabled the Seilencity to experience growing success. In addition to this, we have ensured our customers have a pleasant shopping experience by introducing a kids play area and a chatting room.

Even though Seilencity owes a lot of its success to its brands, its strength also lies within its comfortable ambiance and easy accessibility- making it an ideal destination for foreigners and locals alike, not just to shop, but as a place to catch up with friends, dine and unwind. Retailers are also provided with clean and safe shopping spaces within a peaceful environment.

STC Seilencity specializes in catering the best, finest and most reputed brands to Sri Lankan clientele. For a modern way of shopping, simply visit the STC Seilencity at Kirimandala Mawatha, Narahenpita today.




“Our philosophy is to offer luxury products at affordable prices and in the correct way, thus enhancing the image of the brands presented by the Seilencity. We work with spirit, passion and aim to offer modern and branded products to our customers. We believe that this can only be ensured by an organized, productive and enthusiastic team looking at the future with determination and intuition”.